Podere lo Stollo

We are Luciano and Stefania, who grew up in the wonderful Bolgheri countryside. Our passion for nature, the countryside, animals and the desire to pass it on to our daughters was born from here.
One day, like two madmen, we decided to build our dream house, not to buy but to build. Every external stone that makes up our house was chosen by us, collected on Sundays and transported with our pick up. Each of these stones has a history and expresses solidity and beauty that challenges the centuries without fear of offense. Attention, love and care in the recovery of materials are breathed in every detail of the house. It takes hands to build a home, but only the heart can build a house.
Five years of hard work, with enormous sacrifices but what a thrill to see a wall grow and our house take shape! It seems to us that our home speaks to the environment that surrounds it, so we have it thought. It conveys a feeling of security but at the same time it is open to the world, while the ornament of our house, are the friends and guests who have frequented it, some of them for many years.
The fireplace in Stollo 1 and the stove in Stollo 2, have a particular charm, a real show of living and crackling flames, with a good smell of wood. Lo Stollo is a place designed for travelers looking for a quiet place to relax and disconnect from everything.
The house is surrounded by a lovely garden with olive trees and various fruits. 80 cherry trees are available to guests together with the organic vegetable garden with the cultivation of various vegetables. In every season, nature gives different fruits and emotions. Whichever period of the year you choose, we are sure you will be fascinated. Welcome!


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Discover Podere lo Stollo, discover the Tuscan countryside!